New Testament

II Corinthians

1 : Paul cites hardships; he'd failed to visit as planned;
2 : spread Christ's fragrance, through Him in God's triumph stand;
3 : paints Paul's credentials; law's veil's gone, Christ's face see;
4 : present affliction : "light"; death : route to glory;
5 : stay on earth, or be with Christ ? - Paul pulled twixt two;
6 : Paul encourages, cites harsh trials gone through;
7 : Paul glad his last letter made them repent;
8 : urges that a gift to saints in need be sent;
9 : advises this giving be done cheerfully;
10 : criticised, asserts his credibility;
11 : Paul's trials; "boasts", on critics pours scorn;
12 : Paul's vision of Paradise; his humbling thorn;
13 : Paul warns : when he comes he'll judge sin harshly;
   Tells all "examine yourselves, be in unity!"
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This is a second letter from Paul to the believers in the Greek city of Corinth. During the interim, he learnt from Titus that his first letter had accomplished much good (2 Cor 7:5-7). At that point he was on his third missionary journey, and had reached Macedonia (northern Greece) on his way to Corinth (Southern Greece), having been away from his converts there for about 3 years. He sent Titus on ahead with his with this highly personal letter, where he bares his soul more fully than in any other letter in scripture.