New Testament


1 : Paul marvels at their law-swayed shift from grace;
2 : for such he'd once rebuked Peter to his face;
3 : law curses - won't bring Spirit; faith saves fully;
4 : law ruled us 'til Christ; we're now adopted, free;
5 : law's but bondage; stand, love, in freedom of Christ;
6 : those who sow to the Spirit, not flesh, reap life.
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Paul wrote this letter to the Christian brethren in Galatia (now southern Turkey) . He had founded the congregations there (Acts 13 and 14) with much success on his first missionary journey, revisiting them on his subsequent second (Acts 16:6) and third (Acts 18:23) missionary journeys. However, "Judaizers" had crept into the church and persuaded the non-Jewish believers that they had to be circumcised and keep the law of Moses; Paul's letter primarily addressed this issue.