New Testament

I Corinthians

1 : church divisions condemned; cross "foolish" to "wise";
2 : Spirit shows God's truths, to nat'ral mind disguised;
3 : strife carnal, Paul or Apollos naught, Christ all;
4 : don't compare; pain price of apostolic call;
5 : instructs to "exile", from midst, fornicator;
6 : judge disputes internally, keep bodies pure;
7 : marriage and celibacy - Paul's advice;
8 : 'fore food offered idols, plus weak saint, think twice;
9 : Paul sold out; apostolic rights for support;
10 : warns: no idol worship, real or perceived, court;
11 : women, Lord's supper, in church : guidelines;
12 : gifts of the Spirit, their importance, defines;
13 : love's lasting, premier priority;
14 : guidelines on tongues-speaking, and prophecy;
15 : our new bodies, last trump resurrection;
16 : greetings; Jerusalem saints' collection.
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The city of Corinth, located about 50 miles west of Athens, was on a major trade route, and one of the largest cities in the Roman Empire; only Alexandria, Antioch, and Rome itself had more people. Paul's letter to his converts there was written from Ephesus, another Greek city approximately 200 miles due East of Corinth. He had founded the church in Corinth during his second missionary journey (Acts 19:1-11, I Cor 2:1-2), and on receiving word of divisions and sin in his absence (1 Cor 1:11), wrote this highly educational letter of admonition, correction, and instruction to the believers.