Old Testament


Amos (9 chapters), herdman, Jeroboam's reign,
Judaean-born, prophesies to Israel: vain,
Their rich leaders worship idols, oppress the poor -
The Lord through Amos declares judgement, swift and sure.
Doom's also pronounced on those who've wronged Israel -
Gaza, Tyre, Edom, Ammon, and Moab as well.
The Lord laments: famine, blight, and locusts He's sent,
And yet His stubborn people choose not to repent.
"Seek Me and ye shall live!" He cries! Hear His words scream:
"Let judgement, righteousness, flow like a mighty stream!"
Still, the ploughman will yet o'ertake reaper, God says,
And David's fallen tabernacle rise, last days.

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