New Testament


1 : Gabriel heralds birth of Jesus and John;
2 : Christ's birth blesses shepherds, Anna, Simeon;
3 : John preaches "repent!", baptises Christ, 30;
4 : Christ resists devil; spurned, hometown, heals many;
5 : recruits men; forgives sins, heals : man with palsy;
6 : termed Sabbath "breaker", says "love your enemy!";
7 : centurion's serf healed, widow's son raised;
8 : sow'r parable; storm calmed; miracles amaze;
9 : 5000 fed; transfiguration on mount;
10 : 70 sent; "Good Samaritan" account;
11 : pray'r taught; Christ admonishes sundry;
12 : on God's care, the folly of greed and worry;
13 : woman's back, Sabbath day, healed; Christ teaches;
14 : dines with Pharisee, Sabbath-heals, preaches;
15 : on lost sheep, lost coin, and prodigal son;
16 : on the folly of serving, not God, but mammon;
17 : on forgiving, faith's pow'r; Christ's return;
18 : on pray'r; His men, from children, true wealth learn;
19 : Zacchaeus saved, the triumphal entry;
20 : debates "religious" in authority;
21 : widow's mites praised; second coming taught;
22 : "last supper", betrayed, 'fore High Priest brought;
23 : Pilate-Herod trials, crucified;
24 : resurrected, seen, ascends, Who died!
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Luke was a "beloved physician" (Col 4:14) who was a fellow-labourer with the apostle Paul (Philemon 24), and close to Paul up to the end of Paul's life (II Timothy 4:11). We see Jesus in this gospel as the long-awaited Messiah of the Jews and the Saviour of all mankind. The standard of Greek in the original is such that it has been called "the most beautiful book ever written".