New Testament


1 : John baptises Christ, on Whom Spirit's dove falls;
2 : Christ heals man, forgives his sins, for sinners calls;
3 : He heals hand on Sabbath - Pharisees wax warm;
4 : shares parable of the sower; calms a storm;
5 : casts out "legion", raises Jairus'daughter;
6 : spurned, hometown; feeds 5000, walks on water;
7 : "knocks" Pharisees, casts out devil, heals deaf;
8 : feeds 4000, heals blind man, foretells His death;
9 : transfigured; casts demon from child, quells friction;
10 : teaches on divorce and wealth, blesses children;
11 : the Triumphal entry, Temple cleansed;
12 : questions from Pharisees and Saducees fends;
13 : Temple's doom, His second coming, pre-scribed;
14 : Passover supper; Christ betrayed and tried;
15 : beaten, thorn-crowned, mocked; His crucifixion;
16 : resurrection, commission, ascension.
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The author John Mark was the son of Mary in Jerusalem (Acts 12:12), and a cousin of Barnabas in Acts (Col 4:10). It is also generally believed that he was the "young man" mentioned in Mark 14:51-52. Compared to the other gospels (Matthew, Luke, John) Mark more emphasizes the miracles that Jesus did. His gospel seems to be aimed more at those living outside of Palestine, since there are only a few references to Old Testament scriptures.