New Testament

II Peter Chapter 3


I write this second letter to you to remind
Of words prophets said, and us apostles, in kind.
In the last days men'll scoff: "Is the Lord coming? When?"
Ignorant that the flood once, fire next, will judge men.
The Lord sees a thousand years as a day - patient,
Not slack re His promise, He wills all to repent.
His day'll come like a night-time thief...the heavens'll pass
With great noise, elements melt, and earth burn, en masse!
Be holy, look to the new heav'n and earth to come;
Note God's patience. Paul's letters (parts hard to fathom,
Abused, like other scriptures, by fools) the same says.
Be on guard! Grow in Christ's grace. May He e'er be praised!

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