New Testament

II Peter Chapter 1


Simon Peter, to those of like faith: grace and peace;
By Christ's pow'r life came; precious promises released.
To your faith add virtue, knowledge, control of self,
Patience, godliness, love and brotherly kindness.
If you abound in these: you're fruitful; lack: you're blind.
Strive to make your calling sure, and Christ's Kingdom find.
Once I'm in this tabernacle, which I'll soon leave,
I'll e'er remind you of these truths, so you'll believe.
They're not cunning fables...we saw Christ's majesty,
Heard the voice from heav'n: "...My Beloved Son..!" Prophecy
Confirms, a light in the dark, which we must heed most -
It came, not by man's will, but by the Holy Ghost.

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