Praise Pearls

Click by the cross for seen praise to Our King of Kings,
While its base, Psalm 18, written deliverance sings;
Psalm 3 - 4, next hear chime "I'll bless the Lord always!"
Psalms 5 - 6, sev'n, eight, nine - in trials we hear praise!
On Psalm sixty-three feed when faced with wilderness;
To Psalm eighty-six heed - when needy, still God bless!
Psalms ninety-six, one hundred, one hundred 'n three
One hundred 'n sev'n, one thirty-eight, high praise be;
Above, urging always we bless God as it says,
Psalm 1-4-5 displays David's great Psalm of praise!
To Psalms one-four-six to one-fifty, at top, wend -
Hallel Psalms HALLELUJAH chanting start and end!

Psalm Pearl: "I will praise thee: for thou hast heard me, and art become my salvation." Psalm 118:21