Partie Pearls

Mates, Kings, Queens, Bishops, Knights, Rookies, pawns, boys and girls -
Lovers of chess delights, welcome to "Partie"1 Pearls!
Inside the board lie games of interest I've played,
Mouseover for their names, clicking to see displayed!
Gleaming gems in the heart on golden squares reside,
With treasured family pearls circling them beside;
Around those lie many an Olympiad treat,
Next, by their edge, plenty of a mixture, all sweet!
Moves are annotated which are key when scored;
All are animated, and photos ring the board.
Enjoy all the action, and if you've not seen yet,
Check the Pan-African site, the chess drum dot net!
Pearl Pointers:
  1. Partie is the German word for "game"; with one of the most famous games of chess being called "The Immortal Partie" - click here to see it.
  2. Click here to see "The History of Organised Chess in Barbados (1877 to 1985)", written in 1986 by the late Michael B. Forde.
  3. For online reviews of my (2011) book Calypso Chess check links: 1, 2, 3 or here (item 7373 on page); click here to purchase it online; click here for a review of it re the Elephant Gambit, or click here to see my (2012) locally televised interview on the book.