Old Testament


Ruth, four chapters: a Bethlehem clan, famine-tried,
Left home for Moab; the head, Elimelech, died;
Then his two sons (Mahlon, Chilion) passed away -
Their wives, from Moab (Orpah, Ruth), were urged to stay
At home by the mother, Naomi, when leaving.
Orpah did. "Your God will be mine!" said Ruth, cleaving.
The pair, poor, settled in Bethlehem where Ruth gleamed
From the fields of Boaz, near kinsman (rich, esteemed)
To Elimilech, and Ruth found grace in his sight.
"Cover me!" she cried, lying at his feet one night.
They married; Naomi's lot was redeemed - Ruth had
A son in Christ's line, Obed, King David's Grandad!

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