Old Testament


Psalms, one-fifty prayer-hymns, - most by David, no less,
While Moses wrote psalm ninety - inspire all, and bless.
Some speak of Christ's suff'ring - two-two, six-nine, and then
Some of His Glory - two, four-five, and one-ten.
Many comfort, like Psalm two-three - The Shepherd psalm,
Psalm nine-one speaks of His guarding presence, brings calm.
The praise psalms, from nine-five on, tell us God's worthy
Of blessing for His love, acts, goodness, and mercy.
Psalm one-one-nine - one-sev'n-six verses - lauds God's Word;
Psalm one-three-nine His omniscience - we're assured
That e'en before our birth He knows all about our days!
The last half-dozen psalms - a crescendo of praise!

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