Old Testament


Esther, ten chapters: Queen Vashti snubbed Persian King
Ahasuerus, who crowned Esther, race not knowing.
Jew Mordecai, who'd raised Esther, saved the King's life
(Spilled an assassination plot to his new wife)
But refused to bow to Chief Prince Haman, who bid
The King to let him decree death to Jews - he did!
Haman built gallows for Mordecai, with no clue
The man had saved the King's life, or raised Esther, Jew!
When the King asked how to honor someone, appalled
Haman heard Mordecai's name (and not his own!) called.
Esther fasted, dined the King and Haman, his plot bared -
Haman was hung on his own gallows, the Jews spared!

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