Old Testament

I Kings

First Kings, twenty-two chapters, sees the Temple built
By David's son Solomon, who serves false gods - guilt
Bring's God's judgement: after his death his kingdom splits
Into two (Israel, North, and Judah, South) bits.
Israel's kings, and half of Judah's, are wayward,
They set up and worship false idols, not the Lord.
Famed prophet Elijah slammed their idolatry:
"How long halt ye twixt two opinions?" cried he.
God's fire from heav'n on Mount Carmel His Name fended:
Baal's prophets were slain, and God's three year drought ended!
From Jezebel, King Ahab's wife, Elijah fled,
But foretold dogs would lick her blood when she was dead.

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