New Testament


1 : nature shows God, yet men sin; His punishments;
2 : no excuse: Jews have God's law, Gentiles conscience;
3 : all - Jews, Gentiles - have sinned, Christ's blood addresses;
4 : Father Abram-like faith, not works, God blesses;
5 : we've God's peace by faith in Christ, Who died for us;
6 : don't abuse God's grace, dead to sin through Jesus;
7 : dead to groom law, which showed sin, marry Christ;
8 : through the Spirit walk, adopted, in new Life;
9 : Paul sad o'er Jews lost; myst'ry : who's elected;
10 : Israel's heard, but God's word has rejected;
11 : brag not 'gainst Jews - blind, one day they'll see;
12 : be living sacrifice, with your ministry;
13 : submit to God-giv'n authority; love;
14 : don't judge, let the weak conscience be thought of;
15 : oneness urged, Paul hopes to visit their home;
16 : greetings from saints to their brethren in Rome.
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Paul's letter to the Romans has been called "the most profound work in existence"; it is the theological pinnacle of Paul's letters. He wrote it from Corinth to the Christians in Rome.