New Testament

Revelation Chapter 8


The seventh seal was opened to half hour's silence,
Then seven trumpets giv'n angels 'fore God's presence.
Incense with saints' pray'rs was offered on the altar,
Then fire cast to earth - with earthquake, lightning, thunder!
The first angel blew - hail, fire, and blood came down
To earth; a third of trees burnt, with grass, on the ground.
The second blew - burning mountain fell in the sea,
A third of sea life, and of ships, was not to be.
The third blew, and a star, Wormwood, fell from heav'n's side,
It made a third of rivers bitter - much men died.
The fourth blew - a third of sun, moon, and stars dimmed low,
"Woe, woe, woe", cried one, three trumpets are yet to blow!

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