New Testament

Revelation Chapter 7


I saw four angels on earth, its four winds in tack,
Told by one more: "till God's servants are sealed, hold back".
One hundred and forty-four thousand set aside
Were sealed, all Israelites - twelve thousand from each tribe.
Then I saw a throng which no man could number stand
From all races 'fore the throne, white-robed, palms in hand
Crying loud: "Salvation to our God, and the Lamb!"
The angels fell down and worshipped God with a psalm!
An elder asked me: "who, whence, are these robed in white?"
"Thou knowest", I replied. He said "they've been made right
Washed by the lamb's blood, gone through tribulation's cares,
Serving Him day and night who'll wipe away all tears."

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