New Testament

Revelation Chapter 5


A book was in the right hand of Him on the throne
Sealed with seven seals - an angel loud cried "Is one
Found worthy to open the book and loose the seals?"
I wept, for no man was found despite his appeals.
Then one of the elders said "weep not, not all failed -
The Lion of Judah's tribe, David's root, hath prevailed.
Then, as though it'd been slain, with seven horns and eyes -
God's seven Spirits - a Lamb in the midst did rise.
The twenty-four elders sang as the book took he:
"You were slain - your blood's redeemed us, so you're worthy!"
Millions of angels and all creatures sang then:
"Worthy of pow'r, riches, wisdom, glory, Amen!"

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