New Testament


1 : John, to 7 churches, records seeing Christ;
2 : to the first four, passes on Christ's Words of Life;
3 : to the last three, similar Words are given;
4 : tells how he is caught up to God's Throne room, heav'n;
5 : none but once-slain Lamb can open book, sev'n-sealed;
6 : six seals opened: war, famine, death is revealed;
7 : twelve thousand Jews per tribe sealed; God's throne thronged;
8 : last seal opened; four (of sev'n) trumpets plagues sound;
9 : trumpets five and six : "locusts", war envisioned;
10 : John, eating book from angel, is commissioned;
11 : two witnesses slain, rise; last trump blown;
12 : woman with twelve stars births Christ; from devil flown;
13 : beast with sev'n heads, ten horns, code 666;
14 : Lamb with saints, Mount Zion; earth reaped, blood mixed;
15 : saints sing in heav'n; sev'n angels giv'n sev'n vials;
16 : they're poured on earth - cause plagues, sundry trials;
17 : whore "Bab'lon the Great" : heads, sev'n; horns, ten;
18 : she falls in one day to laments of men;
19 : heav'n joyful; Lamb's marriage supper event;
20 : devil chained; Christ's thousand year Reign, Judgement;
21 : new heav'n and earth; New Jerusalem;
22 : Christ's invitation; benediction.
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The book of Revelation was written by the apostle John, the same one who wrote the gospel of John and the three epistles or letters of John. It was addressed to a group of seven churches in Asia Minor (now modern Turkey). The first three chapters deal with admonitions from Jesus to those churches, and then, from chapter 4, where John is caught up into heaven, and onwards to the end of the book, the apostle is shown events yet future.