New Testament


1 : made, upholds, all; God's image, 'bove angels: Jesus;
2 : Christ'll Captain to future rule; suffered like us;
3 : Moses less than Christ; don't be hardened, like past Jews;
4 : take Christ's rest Joshua ne'er gave, God's Word choose;
5 : Christ our God-appointed High Priest for ever;
6 : move on from basics; Christ is our forerunner;
7 : Christ's Melchizedek-like priesthood better;
8 : new covenant better; Christ mediator;
9 : Christ High Priest of a greater, heav'nly, sanct'ry;
10 : by His blood, to the Holiest, go boldly;
11 : faith needed - how it triumphed in past;
12 : Christ, faith's source, perfects; follow holiness' path;
13 : love; be pure; bear chast'ning without complaints;
   obey leaders; Timothy freed; greetings from saints.
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It is not known which of the early believers physically wrote the letter to the Hebrews, a literary Greek masterpiece; various conjectures include Paul, Apollos, Barnabas, Philip, and even Priscilla. However, the Holy Ghost was undoubtedly the true author of this wonderful letter, specifically targeted to strengthen the Jewish believers in Jesus. In the letter we see Christ and His ministry elevated, exalted, and extolled as higher than that of the angels, Moses, Joshua, past high Priests, and the Levitical priesthood. Christ's new covenant is also shown to be better than the old, and exhortation is given on the importance of faith.