New Testament

II Timothy

1 : Paul longs to see his "son"; prompts: God's gift be stirred;
2 : be strong soldier; shun vain strife; study the Word;
3 : last days perilous; godly persecuted;
4 : Paul's last charge: he's fought the good fight - do as bid.
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Paul wrote this second letter to Timothy, his beloved son in the faith, from prison in Rome. While the book of Acts ends with Paul in prison in Rome, we know from II Timothy 4:16-18 that he was subsequently acquitted at his first trial. It is generally believed that he then returned to Greece and Asia Minor (modern day Turkey) for more missionary work before being re-arrested, taken back to Rome and beheaded. It is believed that he was made the chief scapegoat for Nero's burning of Rome. Nero had set fire to Rome in order to rebuild it to his liking, and being suspected of starting the fire, to turn attention away from himself, the wicked Nero blamed the Christians for the fire and ordered that they should all be executed. This view of events explains why Paul was being charged as a criminal in 2 Tim 2:9, and this letter, containing Paul's last written preserved words, is extremely precious.