New Testament

I Timothy

1 : law's object: love; Paul, chief sinner, God's grace shows;
2 : pray for leaders; Christ our ransom; women's roles;
3 : criteria to be bishop or deacon;
4 : lies, last days; Tim to be role model, though young;
5 : how he should care for his flock - general tips;
6 : love of money snare; faith, good works, best equips.
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Paul's two letters to Timothy, of which this is the first, were written towards the end of Paul's life, while Paul was being held in prison in Rome. Timothy was the product of a mixed marriage; his mother a Jewess, his father a Greek (Acts 16:1, 2 Tim 1:5). Timothy had come to the Lord through Paul's ministry, and had become a leader in the church himself. Paul love and concern for Timothy shines through in this personal letter to him, which is full of advice for his young protege.