New Testament

I Thessalonians

1 : Paul by their love, faith, good reputation buoyed;
2 : recalls past times with them, the care he employed;
3 : Timothy's good report of their affection;
4 : holiness, love, urged; coming resurrection;
5 : Christ's coming will shock, like night thief; watch for it;
   pray always; give thanks in all things; quench not Spirit.
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Paul had planted a large church in the Greek city of Thessalonica, but he had been forced out of the city through persecution (Acts 17). He subsequently sent his co-worker Timothy back to see how the believers were faring, and then penned this letter to them on Timothy's return, based on his feedback. Paul's love for the Thessalonian believers, and his pride in their stance for the Lord despite persecution, shines through in his letter.