New Testament


1 : Christ's ancestry; Joseph told of Him in dream;
2 : Wise men seek, find child; God foils Herod's death scheme;
3 : John the Baptist cries "repent!", baptises Christ;
4 : the devil tempts Christ - God's Word cuts him like knife;
5 : Christ's sermon on the mount - love your enemies;
6 : The Lord's pray'r; "forgive, trust God, not wealth!" pleads;
7 : "Don't judge; seek, you'll find!"; the "golden rule" revealed;
8 : Leper, Centurion's servant, et al healed;
9 : healed: forgiv'n man with palsy, woman who bled;
10 : Christ sends out 12 men, briefed for warfare ahead;
11 : encourages jailed John, gives him praise;
12 : heals on Sabbath, scorns Pharisees for their ways;
13 : tells tale of sow'r; meets hometown enmity;
14 : John dies; Christ feeds 5000, walks on sea;
15 : "knocks" old traditions, heals, 4000 feeds;
16 : warns against Pharisees and Sadducees;
17 : transfigured on mount, voice sounds: "My Son!",
18 : teaches: be humble, pray, forgive, each one;
19 : talks on divorce, children, wealth, His Kingdom;
20 : vineyard parable, foretells death to come;
21 : "triumphal entry"; cleanses Temple;
22 : makes "difficult" questions look simple;
23 : blasts Scribes and Pharisees - "hypocrites!";
24 : Temple's end, second coming predicts;
25 : parables of ten virgins, talents;
26 : last supper, pray'r, betrayal events;
27 : Christ's trial, and crucifixion;
28 : His resurrection, benediction.
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Matthew (also known as "Levi" in the scriptures) was one of the original 12 disciples of Jesus, his name meaning "gift of God". Jesus called him from being a tax-gatherer for the Romans to follow Him (Matt 9:9). He loved Jesus, for Luke 5:27-32 mentions that Matthew held a banquet in Jesus' honour, and left all to follow Him. The book contains many references to Old Testament prophecies of Christ; its theme is Jesus as Saviour and King.