Premium Pearls

New Testament

Matthew five: Christ's famous Sermon on the Mount starts;
Matthew six: He speaks words of love and peace to hearts;
Matthew sev'n: "Don't Judge; seek. You'll find!" He preaches plain;
John three: "Nicodemus, you must be born again!"
John fourteen: Christ's speech with "Last Supper" bread and wine,
John fifteen: We're to love, abide in Him the Vine;
John sixteen: trials, and the Comforter, foretold;
John sev'nteen: Christ, Gethsamane, prays for His fold;
Romans three: all have sinned; faith in Christ justifies,
Romans eight: "none can separate from His love!" cries;
First Corinthians thirteen: a classic on love;
Revelation twenty-one: our abode above.

Old Testament