New Testament

John Chapter 17


Jesus lifted up His eyes to heav'n, and prayed anon:
"Father, the hour is come. You've giv'n power to the Son,
To give eternal life to those that you've prepared,
Glorify thy Son with the glory we once shared.
I pray for those that you've giv'n me out of this world,
All mine are thine, and vice versa, each boy or girl.
I've kept all those you've given me (save perdition's son)
Don't take them out of this evil world - protect 'em!
I pray also for those who'll believe through their word-
That they be one in us, to show love to the world.
May they, one day, dwell with me to see my glory!
May your love (and mine) be in them, and them in me!"

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