New Testament

John Chapter 15


"I'm the True Vine, my Father the husbandman Who
Sees each branch that bears fruit, purges it through and through;
If a branch bears naught, here's a lesson to be learnt:
It's cast away, withers, put in fire, and burnt!
Abide in me, I in you; else no fruit'll be wrought -
You're the branches, but without me, you can do naught!
If my words abide in you, and you're abiding too,
You shall ask what ye will, and it'll be done to you.
Love each other - a greater love hath no man than this -
That for friends he should lay down his life and perish.
You're not greater than your Lord - you'll be persecuted too,
Because I've exposed sin, the world hates me...and you."

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