New Testament

John Chapter 13


Before Passover, with supper ending, Judas
Iscariot's mind dwelt on betraying Christ's trust
While Christ laid down His garments, girded with towel,
And washed His disciples' feet, as an example.
Simon Peter protested - but Jesus squashed his plea -
"If I wash you not", He said, "You've no part with me!"
Later, troubled, He said "one of you'll betray me!"
See Judas, giv'n a sop by Christ as a sign, flee!
Night came; Jesus spoke: "Where I go, you can't now come too;
Little children, love each other as I've loved you".
Peter said "Lord, where are you going? I'd die for thee!"
Christ said :"The cock'll not crow till you've thrice denied me!"

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