New Testament

James Chapter 5


Howl, rich, pleasure-seeking men: your wealth shall rust!
God sees your workers' low wages; you crush the just!
Brethren, like a gard'ner wanting fruit to appear,
Be patient, cease grudges - the Lord's coming draws near;
Like Job, endure. Don't use oaths - just tell the truth plain,
Let the joyful sing psalms, and those sick or in pain
Call elders with anointing oil, who in faith'll pray -
The Lord heals; raises up, forgives sins that way.
Confess your faults; lift each other up, pray - God hears!
When Elijah prayed, rain stopped three and a half years,
Yet he'd passions like ours! Turn a soul from straying:
You'll save that one from death, and hide many a sin.

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