New Testament

James Chapter 4


From whence come wars amongst you, if not from your lust?
You lust, and have not; have not since you ask not, plus
You ask and have not, since your wrong motive - lust - shows!
You're in adultery, the world's friends, hence God's foes!
As writ, the Spirit's jealous o'er us, but God'll give grace
If you just let humility your pride replace.
Submit to God; resist the devil and he'll flee,
Be clean, pure; draw nigh to God, and He'll draw nigh thee.
Mourn, weep for sins; the Lord lifts up the humble one,
And don't judge your brethren - leave that to God alone.
Don't boast "I'll..", say "if God wills". Life is smoke, passing -
Just like those who know to do good, and don't, you sin.

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