New Testament

James Chapter 3


Rush not to rule, for masters are judged more harshly.
If you control your tongue, you'll rule your whole body;
As bridles tame horses, rudders ships, the tongue, small,
Boasts great things, and kindles large flames, to defile all.
It's unruly, poison! The creature man can't tame!
We bless God, yet curse men, made like God, with the same!
Is fountain water bitter yet sweet? Can both mesh?
Fig trees bear olives? Vines figs? Salt water bring fresh?
If you're "wise", good works and a good life style show,
But where strife is, wisdom is "earthly", from below.
Wisdom from above's gentle, merciful, fruit grows,
Not partial, or hypocritical, but peace sows.

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