New Testament

James Chapter 1


James, to the 12 tribes: brethren, count temptations joy,
Trials make you patient - maturity's envoy.
God gives wisdom to those who want, ask, and believe;
Those who're in two minds, tossed like a wave, won't receive.
Low saints - be proud, God's raised you; rich ones - be humble,
For wealth, like grass in the sun, will fade and crumble.
He's blessed who endures temptation, but God tempts none;
One's own lust entices, brings forth sin and death - shun!
Our Father's unchanging, and naught but good gifts hath,
As His, be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath;
His Word, like a mirror, shows your heart; don't just hear,
Do good works: for the fatherless and widows care.

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