New Testament

Matthew Chapter 6


"Don't "show off" your good deeds or prayers; in secret
Ask your heav'nly Father for your needs - they'll be met.
Pray thus: 'Our Father in heav'n, hallowed be thy name,
May your kingdom, and will on earth as in heav'n, reign.
Feed us; as we forgive, may our sins be forgiv'n,
From temptation lead, thine be the glory, Amen.'
Forgive others, else your Father won't forgive you.
Don't fast for show, and fasting be cheerful, not blue.
Store up your treasure in heav'n, not earth where it'll rust,
You can't serve both God and money, but in God trust.
He feeds the birds, and clothes the lilies of the field,
So don't worry, He'll provide, if to Him you yield."

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